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New Year - New Acupuncture Babies

Karen was trying for a baby for seven years. She has polycystic ovary syndrome and came to me after a failed IVF attempt. She became pregnant naturally after acupuncture treatment and then conceived very quickly to have baby number two.

Julie and her acupuncture baby

Mum and Dad both had acupuncture to help conceive naturally - this little boy is the result!

January 2019

Just looking back at some of my clients and their happy outcomes from last year

Hayley was intending to have  IVF and came for acupuncture treatment before and after. Her husband also came for acupuncture treatment. She now has a beautiful boy and girl.

photo of Angela Pegg in work clothes

Helen  came for extreme morning sickness. The acupuncture treatment helped a lot and she has the lovely Jacob.


June 2018 - Well Woman Yoga

Ten minutes yoga  before you retire at night is very relaxing and brings blood to the pelvic region helping fertility. Very  good to do between acupuncture treatments.

Looking to connect to your feminine wisdom?

Heather Yoga Saltaire is offering a five-week course which will explore the rhythms of nature, feminine knowledge and power, and the connection to your own innate wisdom through the practice of yoga.

Each session will include yoga nidra, a soothing yoga asana practice (accessible for all abilities), and a short restorative yoga practice.  We’ll also explore our own experiences as women through discussion - an opportunity to grow through shared thought and ideas.

Tea, chocolates and total relaxation also available :-)

Ideal for woman who are using acupunctor to help with fertility. Book here Heather Yoga Saltaire

...and other ailments in pregnancy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Further on in the pregnancy this is a common complaint.  The symptoms are pain and tingling or numbness in the fingers because the median nerve is compressed.  The ligaments and tendons swell during pregnancy and put pressure on the nerve which leads down the arm through the carpal tunnel in the wrist .

Acupuncture points on either side of the wrist are used to relieve the pressure on the carpal tunnel and some standard points to relieve swelling in the hands.

Pain of the symphsis pubis This is a pain that presents round the pubic bone, sometimes radiating into the lower back or groin, and is often described as a painful grating sensation.  The pubis joint can separate slightly in the later stages of pregnancy to prepare for easier passage of the baby. Pain occurs if this separating process leads to inflammation within the symphisis pubis.  Acupuncture treatment diminishes the discomfort but if treated early can prevent the pain becoming more intense as the pregnancy progresses.


October 2017 - Acupuncture for Morning Sickness...

I treated three pregnant ladies today with these conditions:

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is often called morning sickness but can occur at any time of the day or night. It occurs in half of all pregnancies usually between the sixth and sixteenth weeks, being at its most intense at eight to twelve weeks.  The degree to which it is experienced varies between mild nausea and continual vomiting.  Excessive vomiting during pregnancy is termed hyperemis gravidarum and usually requires hospital admission and medical treatment. 
There are six Acupuncture points which resolve nausea  or diminish to a minimal level during the treatment. 

“From six weeks pregnant I started suffering from extreme nausea – although I wasn’t being sick,the ‘ feeling sick’ was 24/7 and I was struggling to eat and drink, or function normally.  My Midwife suggested I trying acupuncture and after my first treatment with Angela the nausea subsided for four days which was a miracle! I felt so much better having a few days of feeling normal, and so I began having weekly treatments.  It’s a very gentle and relaxing treatment and I think it helps my overall wellbeing too.”

Helen Miller, 28

Summer Babies

Summer Babies

August 2017

Dear Angela, I thought you would be happy to know I had a little girl 8 weeks ago.

I never thought when u were treating me a year ago this would have been little miracle xx

Corinne McDermott

Baby James at 9 Weeks Old


Baby James

January 2017

First baby of 2017. Baby James came to see me this week with his mum

Ten Simple Strategies to Improve Sperm Quality

1 Regular Acupuncture treatment improves sperm count, morphology and motility

2 Improved nutrition, including a high intake of chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, preferably organic, improves sperm morphology. 

3 Keep weight normal

4 Keep testicles cool

5 Taking a good quality preconception supplement for three months will improve semen quality

6 Cordyceps mushrooms improve sperm quality and helps physical endurance

7 Stop smoking and all recreational drugs

8 Stop or reduce alcohol, especially before IVF

9 Get checked for chlamydia and any other low level infections

10 Check medicinal drugs are not contraindicated, as some cause sperm abnormalities or reduce sexual function. 


Summer 2016

Jill Glover wrote an article for the Acupuncturist, our professional magazine, in the summer with this title.

She makes the point that male infertility now accounts for almost half of those couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving.  It affects one in twenty men.  Yet very few men come to the acupuncture clinic to have a course of treatment to improve the sperm parameters. 

The other point is that men are told that their semen sample is normal without comprehending what normal signifies.  The World Health Organisation shows that semen has significantly from 65 per cent normal to 10 per cent normal morphology  from 1970s to 2010.   Being told one s semen sample is normal can reduce motivation to make creative changes towards a healthy lifestyle. 

So bring your partner along to explain test results and discuss changes for both partners, whether or not he decides to have acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Julie and her new baby

Julie and her acupuncture baby


November 2015

Nikita and baby Oliver (6months)

photo of Angela Pegg in work clothes

November is upon us and I had the chance to meet up with some new mums, former clients, with their new babies.

Electro Acupuncture Machine

I use my Electro Acupuncture Machine in a number of ways.  One is to help repair and regenerate nerve damage.

Acupuncture repairs injured nerves. Findings published in Neural Regeneration Research demonstrate that acupuncture causes injured lower and upper limb motor nerves to repair. Electromyographic nerve conduction tests of acupuncture patients with nerve injuries document “an effective response” in 80% of patients participating in the study. Electromyography confirms that acupuncture significantly improves motor nerve conduction velocity and amplitude and also promotes functional nerve repair.  - See more at:

July 2015

photo of Angela Pegg in work clothes

Acupuncture to Turn Breech Babies

Lighted moxa (this is a herb called Mugwort)  over acupuncture point Bl67 to turn Breech babies.  One treatment with me then the client is sent home with Moxa to apply each day for ten day

You can read about the clinical trial here to prove the effectivness of this here:

July 2015

photo of Angela Pegg in work clothes